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Contact Us                             ETC. Productions, or                                                                                 
                            Entertainment by Tera &                             
                            Cory, is a full service     
                            entertainment company.  
                            We provide entertainment 
                            for ALL occasions.  From 
                            Emcee’s & DJ’s to Live 
                            Bands, Broadway     
                            reviews to Cirque acts that                                            
                            Will blow your mind, our         
                            job is to provide you with     
                            expert advice and options when planning your event.  With a combined experience of over 25 years, we pride ourselves on 
customizing each and 
every event to our 
clients’ desires.  So,
no matter what your 
next event may be, 
we’re confident that
we’ve got your 
entertainment needs
covered... F.A.Q.’s